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Project Description

Chief John “J.R.” Dodd

Chief John “J.R.” Dodd has 27+ years of law enforcement experience which started while a student at James Madison University.  After earning a B.A. in English, he moved on to the Harrisonburg Police Department as a dispatcher and then patrol officer.  He was then hired by Bridgewater Police Department and was soon certified as a law enforcement instructor.  After the Columbine tragedy, he received numerous firearms and tactical certifications and has spent the following years teaching recruits, experienced officers and citizens about self defense and response to active shooter events.  He is a certified instructor for the CRASE program (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events) and has taught the class to numerous community groups and businesses.  J.R. Dodd currently serves as the Chief of Police for the Timberville Police Department in the Shenandoah Valley.

Market Mayhem: CRASE: Citizen Response to Active Shooter Events

We will define the term “active shooter”, discuss national trends and talk about being prepared to deal with such an event. There will be time to answer specific questions from the audience.

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