Kim Hutchinson, Executive Director, VA Farmers Market Association


Dr. Kim Hutchinson has been a nonprofit executive, management consultant, public policy expert, federal contractor, and community advocate for building healthy, sustainable communities for more than 35 years. Prior to joining Virginia Farmers Market Association, Dr. Hutchinson served as the President and CEO of complex philanthropic organizations where her demonstrated abilities in the areas of strategic planning, capacity building, and sourcing pooled funding, bolstered her creation of systemic infrastructure change within communities. Kim’s proven competency for securing and maximizing support from federal and state grants, inspiring the philanthropic funding community, and engaging with domestic and international donors, as reflected in her leveraging $852 million dollars into $52 billion dollars of social impact funds to support sustainable thriving communities, has already been put into practice for the benefit of VAFMA.

She activates trusted relationships in her extensive network to facilitate collaborative educational sessions, tackle multi-tiered fundraising strategies, and when seeking public and private partnerships with health-minded organizations. Kim is a forward-thinker who influences critical change by building cohesion among multiple constituencies, implementing strategic political action, and advocating for issues that will cultivate vibrant and sustainable agricultural communities across Virginia – inspiring and motivating others along the way.

Dr. Hutchinson works alongside the Virginia Farmers Market Association’s committed board, staff, and stakeholders across the Commonwealth to ensure it remains a mission-driven organization that represents and supports diverse farmers markets by developing education and training initiatives, fostering advocacy and innovation, and by providing networking opportunities. She shared, “VAFMA’s best days are in front of us and I’m honored to be part of its future.”

Dr. Kim Hutchinson is a native of Virginia and resides here with her family. She is an avid chef, artist, and golfer.

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Mary Delicate


Since 2009 Mary Delicate has devoted her marketing, research and web design skills to promoting local food in Virginia. She has created websites, newsletters, blog posts and social media posts spreading the word about local farms and farmers markets. Prior to discovering her passion for local food, Mary was a business information researcher. She spent her days searching periodicals, studies, reports, databases and websites pulling out relevant data and insights for entrepreneurs.

Mary works on special projects for VAFMA including our Virginia is for Farmers Market Lovers, Metrics and online training programs.

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