Programs, Workshops, & More

Programs, Workshops, & More

Market Manager Certification

VAFMA’s market manager curriculum is offered through a 14-week interactive, engaging, student-centered learning experience addressing real-world market issues. Program participants who complete the full curriculum requirements will receive a signed certificate and will have earned the title of Certified Market Manager. As a professionally trained Certified Market Manager, graduates of the program will be prepared to manage the complex & diverse challenges of farmers markets.

Farmers Market Metrics

VAFMA has partnered with the Farmers Market Coalition to empower farmers market managers to collect, analyze and share data on the impacts of their markets. Click on the link above for an overview of program.

When market managers take control of their own data they are better able to run their markets without having to rely on other organizations to collect that data for them. They can use that data to promote their markets by making consumers, public officials, partners and other key influencers aware of the positive impact their markets have on their communities.

Virginia Fresh Match Program

Virginia Fresh Match is A Statewide Network to Help Farmers Markets Serve Low-Income Shoppers through nutrition and SNAP incentives. Click on the link above for an overview of programs and incentives that are offered and find contact information.  How can you get involved?

  • Sign up for the Virginia Fresh Match Listserv to stay informed. Email
  • Visit the Virginia Fresh Match Website:
  • Become a strategic, communications or funding partner.
  • Help fund or support a position to lead continued development for Virginia Fresh Match.
  • Connect Virginia Fresh Match to food access programs in your community.
  • Advocate for Virginia policy to support a statewide fund or endowment for nutrition incentives.