increasing sales at farmers market

Courtesy of Historic Lewes Farmers Market

The Historic Lewes Farmers Market in Delaware made their market a “Living Lab” to answer two questions:

  • What can we do to increase sales and attendance at our market?
  • What can we do to increase sales and attendance of SNAP customers at our market?

A few highlights from their findings include:

  • Adding a photo to the outside of a cooler or freezer from which the farmer/producer sells products such as arugula or frozen meat, increased sales of those products by approximately 30%.
  • Having a farmer/producer present at a “Meet the Farmer” demonstration session at the market, increased sales of the farmer an average of 41% the week following the session.
  • A set of outreach activities led to year over year growth of 57% in new SNAP customers and growth in SNAP dollars issued of 31%.
  • “Market Pairing” demonstrations, boosted sales of products featured in the demonstration by an average of 20%.

See more of their insights here.