During the 2023 Virginia Farmers Market Food Safety Summit, presenters shared many links to resources. We’ve compiled them below.

Virginia Farmers Market Association

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Become a VAFMA Member

Peer to Peer Network — Virginia Farmers Markets List-serv


Virginia Department of Health

Memorandum of Understanding

Guide to Employee Health in Food Establishments

NRFSP: National Registry of Food Safety Professionals – Food Protection Manager Certification Program, International Certified Food Safety Manager

National Restaurant Association – ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Program

The Always Food Safe Company, LLC – Food Protection Manager Certification

1 AAA Food Manager/AAAFoodHandler.com – Certified Food Protection Manager Exam

360training.com, Inc. – Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Program

Above Training/StateFoodSafety.com – Certified Food Protection Manager Exam


VDACS Food Safety

Home and commercial kitchen-based food businesses

Food Safety Program Phone: 804-786-3520

foodsafety@vdacs.virginia.gov (preferred)

How To’ documents that outline the application process and what to expect during an inspection:

Commercial Kitchen Food Processing Operation Guidance (pdf)

Home Food Processing Operation Guidance (pdf)

Virginia’s Home Kitchen Food Processing Exemptions

Egg Grading Manual


Office of Dairy Services

2VAC5-490 Regulations Governing Grade “A” Milk

2VAC5-501 Regulations Governing the Cooling, Storing, Sampling and Transporting of Milk

2VAC5-510 Rules and Regulations Governing the Production, Processing, and Sale of Ice Cream, Frozen Desserts, and Similar Products

2VAC5-520 Rules and Regulations Governing Testing of Milk for Milkfat, Protein, and Lactose Content by Automated Instrument Methods

2VAC5-531 Regulations Governing Milk for Manufacturing Purposes

Dairy Services Program


Produce Safety


FSMA Inflation Adjusted Cut Offs

FDA Decision Tree to determine coverage and exemptions

Produce Safety Rule Inspections and Voluntary USDA Audits

Guidance to Help Understand the Differences and Commonalities

FSMA Proposed Rule on Agricultural Water

FDA Ag water fact sheet

Harvest and Post Harvest water fact sheet (new Jan 2023)

FDA Ag water assessment builder (online)

FDA Ag water assessment builder (paper, 33 pages)(also available in Spanish)


Virginia Cooperative Extension

Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course (Virtual Program)

Upcoming Grower Trainings

Virginia Cooperative Extension Offices

Virginia Cooperative Extension Programs

Publications and Resources

Resources for On-Farm Food Safety

Enhancing the Safety of Locally Grown Produce – Produce Growers/Farmers Market Produce Vendors (Virtual Program)

Overview of the Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule

Is my farm operation covered or exempt from the Produce Safety Rule?

Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course (Virtual Program)

Produce Safety Worker Health, Hygiene and Training (Virtual Program)

Resources for Food Business

Going to Market

Food Producer Technical Assistance Network

Request for Analysis by the Food Producer Technical Assistance Network (formerly the Food Innovations Program) at Virginia Tech

Food & Health

Extension Master Gardener Program

Master Food Volunteer Program