Shannon Loy, owner of The Social Ginger

Social media is about far more than just platforms and posts. When used the right way, social media can be an incredibly powerful marketing and relationship-building tool. Shannon Loy, CEO and founder of The Social Ginger, knows making social media work for you means starting with strategy. 

But most companies don’t start there. They post haphazardly, frantically, or maybe not at all. As a result, they miss out on both exposure and connections.

Shannon and her team of social media experts specialize in delivering strategic social media success. Through consistency and intentional, brand-aligned content, Shannon and her team guide clients to connect with their local and online community, expand interest, receive referrals, generate leads, and, ultimately, close sales.

When she’s not guiding clients and building online relationships, you’ll likely find Shannon speaking from stage, a place she finds comfortable after so many years of musical performance. With her unique combination of outgoing energy, technical knowledge, and passion for educating, it’s no wonder Shannon is a highly sought-after speaker for associations and conferences. Her authentic desire to see others succeed at building something they’re passionate about shines through in every presentation and engagement.

Shannon Loy