4 Photos Every Farm Needs — A Webinar

May 26, 2022, 3pm – 4pm, via Zoom, Free

Connecting with shoppers at a busy farmers market can be a challenge. Using photographs can help tremendously. In this webinar, the Virginia Farmers Market Association partners with Digital Storyteller and Farm Photographer Daniel James (DJ) of Herd Ventures to share the four shots every farmer needs to include on their website and at market.

DJ will cover why each photo is important and how it connects with customers, sharing examples throughout. He will also walk you through how to integrate the photos into your market set up so they are visible but don’t blow away on a windy day. You will leave the webinar with a pared down plan for adding photographs to your market display.

About the Speaker: With a family history of farming and a personal background in small business development, nonprofits, and agriculture, DJ founded HERD Ventures to cultivate community through story. Over the past decade, he has traveled the world working with farms to understand the evolution of agriculture and the role these stories play in feeding the imagination. Based on a sprawling farm in Esmont, Virginia he now focuses exclusively on the Commonwealth and its regional food system to help bridge the gap between content and consumption.

A recording will be available for registrants.

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Daniel James taking a photo surrounded by pigs
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