Project Description

Phil Easley, Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market vendor and former board member, spent most of his career as a broadcast journalist. He’s worked for several statewide public television networks as well as managed a couple of radio stations. Over three decades he’s interviewed and reported on hundreds of political, business and community leaders for local, state and national audiences.

He has also worked in what media people call ‘the real world’: on farms, in factories, and as a heavy equipment operator. Five years ago he retired from the language-learning company Rosetta Stone, where he held the position of Senior Audio Engineer.

He and Mary Jo Swartzendruber own a flower farm near Harrisonburg, Virginia. For the past 15 years they have been vendors at the Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market, where he spent four years on the board of the Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market Association, the member (vendor) association that operates the market.