Project Description

Claudia Jackson

Claudia Jackson, Interim Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Manager, Virginia Department of Social Services

Claudia has been with the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) as a SNAP Program Consultant since 2008 where she coordinates SNAP outreach and the farmers’ market initiative and, monitors the SNAP Nutrition Education (SNAP Ed) plan. Claudia is also the lead consultant at VDSS for SNAP program integrity guidance.

Since beginning her employment with VDSS, Claudia has worked to expand SNAP participation in Virginia through outreach partnerships with other organizations and, to build and maintain a strong partnership with the SNAP Ed implementing agency, the Family Nutrition Program (FNP).

Claudia assumed responsibility for the farmers market initiative in 2013 and has worked to provide free wireless devices to farmers markets as well as to increase SNAP participation at the farmers markets.

In addition to her regular duties at VDSS, Claudia collaborated in the Virginia 3-6-5 Project to End Childhood Hunger which “…will demonstrate that childhood hunger among school-aged children can be eliminated by ensuring that children have access to healthy meals where they live, learn, and play 365 days a year.” She also is the VDSS representative for the Summer EBT grants received by the Virginia Department of Education the last two years.

Prior to her position at VDSS, Claudia worked at the Richmond City Department of Social Services for 31 years. She held several positions at Richmond City including social worker and intensive case manager supervisor.