During our spring vendor trainings, we asked attendees what additional topics they wanted us to cover. From that input, Rachel Henley and Sarah Sharpe of Virginia Cooperative Extension have scheduled 5 upcoming free webinars.

All will take place from 12 (noon) to 12:45pm:

9/16:   Budgeting with Rachel Henley – Money is so important for running a business but often one of the most dreaded topics when it comes to record keeping. We will walk through some simple ways to plan for your money based on your priorities and goals related to your crop or business. Watch this webinar

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9/23:   Marketing/Identifying a Market with Sarah Sharpe
Selling at Farmers Markets is a great way to getting started in business to introduce new products. But, how do you make sure you’re really marketing yourself well?  This webinar will give an introduction and overview of all of these concepts. Watch this webinar

Additional Resources recommended by Sarah Sharpe:
Marketing Considerations for Small Food Processors

Business Development Resources from NC State

9/30:   Pricing with Rachel Henley One of the toughest decisions but most important. Pricing affects so many things from your finances to market success. We will look at pricing your products with business sustainability in mind. Watch this webinar

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10/7:   Labeling with Sarah Sharpe
Do you ever get confused with what you can and cannot put on labels? Do you know that there are certain claims that you can and cannot make when it comes to eggs, meat, and more? (For example, did you know that there are certain restrictions on being able to call eggs “fresh”?) Do you know exactly what should be on your jars of jam and jelly? This webinar will cover the basics of all of these!
Watch this webinar

More labeling resources

10/14: Introduction to Fresh Produce Food Safety
As producers, we want to make sure that we are going above and beyond to keep our customers safe, especially when selling fresh produce. This webinar will cover the basics of food safety that you should be thinking about both on the farm and at the market to make sure that your customers are buying the safest produce from you! Watch this Webinar

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