More Money From Your Markets Webinar

with Kelly Shepherd of What the Farm

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You work hard to prepare for your markets, so let’s make sure you have the best sales possible. In this webinar, you will learn how to increase traffic to your booth, convert market guests into paying customers and keep them coming back week after week.

You will also learn how to track sales and expenses, use newsletters to communicate with customers and spotlight the best product in your business … YOU!

About our Speaker:

Kelly Shepherd is the co-owner of What The Farm, a regenerative farm that specializes in chicken, pork, lamb and beef in Virginia Beach, VA. With a background in business coaching, her primary focus is helping farmers and market vendors achieve profitability through agritourism, education and subscription based sales. Kelly believes that the only way to grow the sustainable farmers market movement is to make it a win/win for both vendors and consumers.

Watch the recording on our YouTube Channel and use the worksheets below to follow Kelly’s prompts.


Worksheet 1 – Customer Avatar and Crafting Your Brand Story Worksheet

Worksheet 2 – Tracking Your Way to Success

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