01/12/2015 by Farmers’ Market Federation of New York

Public perception of a farmers market is that it’s an effortless task of gathering farmers and artisans, setting up a few tables and tents, and voilà, you have a market! A well-run market looks seamless and easy. However, as market managers know, it is a monumentally challenging task that demands a diverse set of skills in order to succeed. And with farmers markets springing up almost overnight all over the commonwealth, the market manager is perhaps the single most important tool for market success. The manager must balance his/her work with farmers, consumers, and communities to keep the market functioning and prospering.

A market manager must possess skills that will drive them to work long and hard to ensure the market is a vital selling space. But what are these skills that make a good farmers market manager and what roles does the manager play in creating and nurturing market success?

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