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Direct Marketing Sales

Local Line Webinar

Farmers Selling Online: Using Local Line Brought to you by the Virginia Farmers Market Association and Virginia State University In partnership with Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia State University College of Agriculture, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Farm Credit, Farm Credit Knowledge Center, Virginia [...]


Courtesy of Historic Lewes Farmers Market The Historic Lewes Farmers Market in Delaware made their market a "Living Lab" to answer two questions: What can we do to increase sales and attendance at our market? What can we do to increase sales and attendance of SNAP customers at [...]

Direct Marketers and the Virginia Sales Tax

by Bill Whittle & Gordon E. Groover Historically, farmers have not paid sales tax on many purchases used in agricultural production, nor have they been concerned with collecting sales tax because they have sold a commodity product to a wholesaler or middleman. Now, however, many Virginia farmers have entered into [...]

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