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Market Rules & Policies

The Risk and Liability of Running a Farmers Market

What happens if … ? The Risk and Liability of Running a Farmers Market Is your farmers market prepared for an emergency or accident? Does your insurance policy cover what it needs to cover? Do you know how to document an incident? In this webinar, Katie Atkinson of [...]

Market Day Prep for Farmers Market Success (with video)

Session II of the 2022 Farmers Market Preparedness Webinar Series In partnership with Virginia State University Small Farm Outreach Success at the farmers market starts well before you get to market. In the second webinar in the Farmers Market Preparedness series, we focus on being prepared for market day. [...]

Infectious Disease Training for Farmers Markets

Infectious Disease Training for Farmers Markets November 10, 2020 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM All Virginia businesses – including farmers markets, farms and market vendors -- are now required to adhere to the new Statewide Emergency Workplace Safety Standards adopted by The Department of Labor and Industry’s Virginia [...]


01/13/2015 by Farmers' Market Federation of NY, modified for Virginia Many use the term “rules” and “by-laws” interchangeably. They are similar but have basic differences. By-laws define the structure of the governing body, which operates the farmers market, and once in place are rarely amended. They generally include a definition [...]

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